Smart Fodder Container

Practical and efficient units

Smart Fodder Farms in Container format are technological, efficient, sustainable and profitable units that produce hydroponic green fodder at a lower cost than a kilogram of alfalfa. They are also perfect for expanding livestock businesses due to their scalability and customization.

Smart Fodder Container

A suitable system adapted to the needs of expanding livestock companies.

Container - Smart Fodder

Plug-and-play: ready to travel anywhere in the world

SMART design and technology

Maximizes production in 7-9 day cycles

Seed enters the unit on the first day of the cycle. Forage is ready to eat after 7-9 days.

Produce all year round anywhere in the world

Incorporate automated irrigation, lighting, ozone disinfection, climate control, air recirculators, exclusive trays, etc.

Portable solution

A system suitable and adapted to the needs of expanding livestock companies.

*Total cost depends on labor and seed price in your country. Please contact us for a no-obligation study.