Smart Fodder Factories

Installations for large producers

Smart Fodder Farms in Factories format are facilities adapted to large livestock or dairy companies capable of producing around 8,000 kilograms of hydroponic green fodder per day. These facilities include modules for the development of this superfood, whose production cost will be less than half that of importing a kilogram of alfalfa.

Smart Fodder Factories

A system suitable and adapted to the needs of large livestock or dairy companies.

Large size: on-target solutions for leading companies

A supernatural process for superfood production

1. Working area

Disinfection and soaking of seeds. Tray filling.

2. Module for the beginning of the production cycle

Every day a complete module is filled.

3. Module production cycle completed

A full module is emptied daily.

4. Harvesting / Washing and disinfection of trays

Forage output and cleaning.

Smart fodder factories

*Depends on labor cost and seed price in your country. Please contact us for a no-obligation study.

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