Benefits of hydroponic forage

The superfood of the future for livestock

What is hydroponic green fodder?

It is a highly nutritious feed for livestock, produced by hydroponics in our smart, efficient and sustainable facilities.

This superfood has a number of benefits for animals, for livestock businesses and for the environment.

Hydroponic green fodder

Produce your own superfood for livestock and reduce your costs.

Benefits of hydroponic green fodder

Hydroponic green fodder has many benefits for animals

It is a highly nutritious feed with great properties and quantities of vitamins that you will not find in alfalfa or in the forage that grows naturally in many parts of the world.

This superfood improves the overall health of the animal and promotes milk and meat production.

Highly digestible and highly absorbable superfood

Our Smart Fodder Farms produce this superfood with high digestibility (90%) and optimal absorption that allows them to consume energy more slowly.

Thus, thanks to this palatable forage for its taste, color and texture, cattle can focus on activities such as breeding, fattening or milk production.

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Productive increase in dairy cattle

Hydroponic green forage has a special impact on milk production.

Its levels and benefits allow these animals to focus their activity on production, but not only of greater quantity, but also of better quality.

By nutritional value, 1kg of hydroponic green fodder is equivalent to 3kg of fresh green alfalfa

Our automated hydroponic green fodder production solutions have many advantages. The main one is this:

Consistent production 365 days a year in any climate and in any location

1kg of hydroponic green fodder requires only 1.2 to 1.5 liters of irrigation water, while in traditional cultivation it needs about 80 liters.

Fresh fodder everyday, anywhere

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